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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Known for:Â  legends vary, but usually known for her torture on a wheel before her martyrdom Dates: 290s C.E. () - 305 C.E. (?)Feast Day: November 25 Also known as: Katherine of Alexandria, Saint Catherine of the Wheel, Great Martyr Catherine How We Know About Saint Catherine of Alexandria Eusebius writes about 320 of a Christian woman of Alexandria who refused the advances of the Roman emperor and, as a consequence of her refusal, lost her estates and was banished. Popular stories add more details, some of which conflict with each other. The following summarizes the life of Saint Catherine of Alexandria depicted in those popular stories. The story is found in the Golden Legend and also in an Acts of her life. Legendary Life of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catherine of Alexandria is said to have been born the daughter of Cestus, wealthy man of Alexandria in Egypt. She was noted for her wealth, intelligence, and beauty. She is said to have learned philosophy, languages, science (natural philosophy), and medicine. She refused to marry, not finding any man who was her equal. Either her mother or her reading introduced her to the Christian religion. She is said to have challenged the emperor (Maximinus or Maximian or his son Maxentius are variously thought to be the anti-Christian emperor in question) when she was eighteen years old. The emperor brought in some 50 philosophers to dispute her Christian ideas but she convinced them all to convert, at which point the emperor burned them all to death. She then is said to have converted others, even the empress. Then the emperor is said to have tried to make her his empress or mistress, and when she refused, she was tortured on a spiked wheel, which miraculously fell apart and the parts killed some who were watching the torture. Finally, the emperor had her beheaded. Veneration of Saint Catherine of Alexandria In about the 8th or 9th century, a story became popular that after she died, St. Catherines body was carried by angels to Mount Sinai, and that the monastery there was built in honor of this event. In medieval times, St. Catherine of Alexandria was among the most popular saints, and was often depicted in statues, paintings, and other art in churches and chapels. She has been included as one of the fourteen holy helpers, or important saints to pray to for healing. She was considered a protector of young girls and especially of those who were students or in cloisters. She was also considered the patroness of wheelwrights, mechanics, millers, philosophers, scribes, and preachers. St. Catherine was especially popular in France, and she was one of the saints whose voices were heard by Joan of Arc. The popularity of the name Catherine (in various spellings) is likely based on Catherine of Alexandrias popularity. In Orthodox Churches Catherine of Alexandria is known as a great martyr. There is no real historical evidence for the details of St. Catherines life story outside these legends. Writings of visitors to the Mt. Sinai monastery do not mention her legend for the first few centuries after her death. The feast day of Catherine of Alexandria, November 25, was removed from the Roman Catholic Churchs official calendar of saints in 1969, and restored as an optional memorial on that calendar in 2002.

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Provide a comprehensive definition of Federalism and discuss its long Essay

Provide a comprehensive definition of Federalism and discuss its long evolution along with the manner in which it functions toda - Essay Example The states must abide by their own laws as long as the individual laws do not create conflict with foreign laws. Federalism has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of federalism include a states individual freedom. A state in America contains its own individual government. The individual government is able to act as its own but not to exceed laws on a national level. Disadvantages are that although a state may seem free, the state is limited to issues that are on a national level such as immigration and federal taxes. Federalism and American History The evolution of the federalist government went through many changes since the 18th century. Under the American experience, the federalist government was shaped specifically in the 1780s. This was when factions of Federalists and Anti-federalists created many debates and arguments about the acceptance of the American Constitution. This was concerning the issue of the rights and the powers of individual states with relations to th e federal government (Drake & Nelson). The conflict between the two mentioned parties molded what came to be the future federal and state division. This is now known as the individual states that make up the United States. In order for these states to be different from one another, Federalism had to take place. Further changes within the established federal system extended towards the 19th century with the Supreme Court’s decision to amend the constitution. A desire to create a stronger national government was established and strengthened with several additional revisions to the flow of the government system.   In the 20th century, the growing power of the national government was due to the influences of World War I, World War II, the Great Depression, The Civil Rights movements and The Cold War.   An important point to the evolution of the American federal government happened during the Clinton administration in 1996 where a â€Å"Devolution Revolution† was implem ented in order to distribute the powers of economic regulations and social welfare from the national government down to the state governments.   Federalism is what created just cause for amendments of the constitution. Even after every state became ratified as part of the Constitution of the United States of America, there were still many issues that played a role toward Federalism in America. Federalism is a piece of American history that was fought for by Americans to create a nation that is free and separate from previous British government. The 10th Amendment American federalism is mainly fueled by the 10th Amendment of the American Constitution. The 10th Amendment states that, â€Å"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people...† (Charters of Freedom: The Bill of Rights). The mentioned amendment is interpreted such that the powers not given to the nation al or the federal government will be obviously and naturally given to the state governments and the people as their principle. Therefore, constitutionally and in this way lawfully, the American federal government clearly upholds its principle of giving the administrative power to the people. Democracy is then intertwined with the type of government that the American people have. After all, it is because of the people that the government exists, not the other way around. Federalism Further Defined With

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Summarize the arguements for and against plea bargaining Essay

Summarize the arguements for and against plea bargaining - Essay Example In this type of bargaining, the defendant pleads guilty to get fewer counts on the offense they are charged with. The bargaining processes are usually voluntary and it does not always result to an outcome that is desired by both parties. The plea bargaining practice is widely supported by the American judicial system due its importance in terms of saving costs incurred during trails alongside its many benefits on the court system. The plea bargaining practice benefits many stakeholders in the courtroom. First, it assists the prosecutor in disposing off a busy and complex caseload. Many prosecutors have limited resources within their access. It is therefore very hard to prosecute all the cases that come before them. Due to this fact, these prosecutors may decide to push forward the cases that have public elements through the rigorous court procedure while going for plea-bargaining on the ones that do not look very promising and do not have much public significance. The defense attorney also benefit from the plea-bargaining. Most of these defense attorneys are public attorneys who offer their services to defendants of criminal cases. They also face resources constraints such as the ones prosecutors face. This implies that plea-bargaining benefits this type of attorneys by facilitating quick disposal of cases. The outcome of this process is more payment by the defense for less work done by the defense attorneys. The plea-bargaining process benefits the defendant more than it does to both the prosecutor and the defense attorney. This is because it results to the defendant getting a lesser charge as compared to the one that they could get. The plea-bargaining processes also benefits the court since it saves its resources. The reviewing of plea bargaining is simpler and easier as compared to the full trial of a case. There are several problems associated with plea bargaining process. First, the prosecutor will always start the bargaining process on

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The topic can be revised by the writer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The topic can be revised by the writer - Essay Example Using the four-quadrant model, I was able to categorize my major activities as: urgent and important (quadrant one), not urgent and important (quadrant two), urgent and not important (quadrant three), and not urgent and not important (quadrant four). I tracked down eight activities through the week that consumed at least one and a half hours every session. Using the four quadrant model, the activities can be classified as; The classification was enabled by calculating the amount of time that each grid consumed. Quadrants 1,2,3,4 consumed two hours, three hours, one and a half hours, and two hours respectively. The grid revealed to me that I spent more time on online chatting than I thought. I was surprised by the amount of time I devoted to activities that were of self-interest. The music practice was urgent and important for a forthcoming schools’ music festival. I noticed that I attached little value to the practice as compared to the other members, regardless of its short timeframe. An activity is important if it comprises of long-term strategies and personal development. Important activities are those that contribute to health and wellness. Music practice, studying, and exercising were the most important activities for the past week. I am passionate about those activities since they stimulate personal development. Music, studying, and exercising form my hobbies list in my rà ©sumà ©. They are activities that propel my long-term goals of personal development; and success. There are two factors that dictate whether an activity is urgent. Firstly, the activity has to have a deadline. Secondly, there must be an authority that requires the activity completed within its timeframe. Music practice and reading and writing journals were activities supervised and coordinated by the director of music and health chairman respectively. The activities were time pressured and required adequate concentration to get the work

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Philosophy of Education Essay examples -- Philosophy of Teaching State

According to my knowledge the word "philosophy" is the study and understanding of knowledge in relevance to studying the wisdom of the universe. The word "education" is the act of developed knowledge. When put together the phrase, "philosophy of education," has extremely deep meaning within the context of knowledge. Therefore, before I can accurately state my position on the issue, I must examine my past, present and future experiences with knowledge. My view on education and my experience with knowledge was very sheltered until I came to Ball State University. My education was developed through private schooling from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. Throughout those eighteen years I was trained for the moment I am currently situated in today, known as college. Those preparatory schools opened my eyes to not only the act of reproducing presented material, but also the process of analysis and free thought. To my surprise from the school observations I performed this year in my education courses, I found that all school systems are not the same in structure or in curriculum. There are many ways to educate, express or unveil knowledge to the student. These processes all depend on one basic thing, which is what I am going to produce today. This belief is named the "philosophy of education." The student’s education greatly depends on the school and teacher’s practiced philosophies. A philosophy appears to be the one true belief that is constant in the classroom no matter what curriculum is presented to the student. An individuals philosophy is the belief a person lives by and expresses to their peers in society through their actions and spoken or written word. In terms of developing a philosophy for the classroo... ...Graff, Gerald. "Disliking Books at an Early Age." Falling into Theory: Conflicting Views On Reading Literature. Ed. Elizabeth M. Schaaf . Boston: Bedford Books, 1994. 36-44. Menand, Louis. "What are Universities For?" Falling into Theory: Conflicting Views On Reading Literature. Ed. Elizabeth M. Schaaf . Boston: Bedford Books, 1994. 88-100. Morrison, Toni. "Black Matters" Falling into Theory: Conflicting Views On Reading Literature. Ed. Elizabeth M. Schaaf . Boston: Bedford Books, 1994. 256-269. Richter, David H. Falling into Theory: Conflicting Views On Reading Literature. Boston: Bedford Books, 1994. Rose, Mike. Lives on the Boundaries. New York: Penguin Books, 1989. Searle, John. "The Storm over the University" Falling into Theory: Conflicting Views On Reading Literature. Ed. Elizabeth M. Schaaf . Boston: Bedford Books, 1994. 80-88.

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Income elasticity of demand Essay

World trade for wheat is greater than for all other crops combined and is cultivated in 128 counties. A farming company specializing in wheat and barley production (Silo Pty Ltd), one of many producers in the international market, is greatly affected by storms in the U.S and South America. These storms have reduced the global wheat yield by 50 per cent. Wheat continues to be the most important food grain resource as it is used in a large majority of foods around the world. Its production leads other crops such as rice, maize and potatoes. Despite wheat’s great importance in the food industry, it would still be regarded as being price ‘elastic’ and have a positive income elasticity, as there are many competitive suppliers around the world, which could possibly lead to fluctuations in prices and prevent large shortages. Price elasticity of demand arises due to the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a good to change its price, when all other influences on buyers’ plans stay the same. Income elasticity of demand is the responsiveness of demand due to a change in income. Factors that generally affect the supply of goods or services include, the price of factors of production, the prices of related goods produced, expected future prices, the number of suppliers, technology and the state of nature. Demand is also effected by such factors as, the prices of related goods, expected future prices, income, expected future income and credit, population and preferences. If ever there were a shortage of wheat due to bad weather or storms, such that has happened to Silo Pty Ltd, other crops such as barley or maize could be used as an alternative resource, thus the supply would decrease and eventually the demand would decrease slightly as well as there are alternative resources at possibly cheaper prices. This would result in wheat being considered as a normal good in western society as for which demand increases as income increases. Graph 1 shows the situation before the storms hit and the effects after the storms. The demand curve is D and the original supply curve is labelled S0. After the storms hit, the supply curve shifted left to S1. This represents the supply decreasing, further increasing the price. Graph 2 shows the effects of the expected future price rise. Demand increases, shifting from D0 to D1, supply decreases shifting the supply curve from S1 to S2.

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Bullying the Freaks and Geeks Essay - 1350 Words

Bullying the Freaks and Geeks Walking down the school hall to the next class, the bully appears before his prey. He stands before his soon to be victims as if he is two feet taller and ten times stronger. His victims attempt to ignore him, but he stops them and puts his face in front of theirs to make sure his presence is known. He then abruptly decides to save his senseless punishment for another day as he passes by with a slight shoulder nudge. In today’s high schools, the majority of bullying incidents occur in this fashion. A bully finds the weakest kids and targets them. Freaks and Geeks, a television show, demonstrates these specific bullying instances and their effect on the character Bill Haverchuck. The pain bullying causes†¦show more content†¦Sam and Neil, Bill’s friends, consistently question their likeability and attempt to create ways to fit in with the popular crowds. All three characters are into science fiction and are considered geeks. C onsequently, they have the same bully. Allen, their bully, finds any opportunity he can to tease, make fun, or physically hurt his victims. Bill and his friends create plans to avoid Allen at all costs throughout the series. This is common in most high schools today. Students who tend to not fit the overall social expectation of their peers end up being considered geeks. These students do whatever they can to avoid being bullied and to fit somewhere in the social hierarchy of high school. Chokin’ and Tokin’, an episode of Freaks and Geeks, outlines the various effects bullies have on their victims. The episode begins with Bill and his friends walking down their school hall while talking about which girls they should seek after romantically. At the end of the hallway, Allen walks by and smacks Bill in the privates. Bill responds by continuing to do his best to ignore the assault and move on to his next class. The simple attack from Allen caused physical pain and it emotionally drives Bill into a helpless state of mind where he feels he can do nothing about it. The most common response for bullied students is to ignore what is happening. If a student tells an adult, the general thought is that they are going to end up being bullied even more. As a boy,Show MoreRelatedEssay on School Violence837 Words   |  4 Pages On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on Columbine Highschool killing twelve fellow classmates and one teacher. School violence changes our youths morals. From bullying to peer pressure, youth are exposed to school violence everyday. What is school violence? School violence varies from accounts of â€Å"death, homicide, suicide, weapon related violence, in the US.† (c1) School violence can occur to and from school, while attending a school sponsored event, on a bus, or atRead MoreJuveniles Are Legal Law Of An Alternate State1273 Words   |  6 Pagesvalues that, thus, impact teenagers de termination or relationship with associates that eventually figure out if they start, raise and persevere with these practices. Here and there gathering status structures the premise for a school name: poplars, geeks, rejects. Essential social components endemic to a specific school or group might likewise be reflected in the swarm framework, for example, when gatherings emerge that are focused around ethnic foundation, religious introduction, or family monetaryRead MoreHigh School Confidential : Notes On Teen Movies1617 Words   |  7 PagesSchool Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies, he describes the typical movie storyline and characters: the blonde, superficial cheerleaders that make up the popular crowd, along with the buff, handsome jocks versus the social outcasts comprised of geeks and freaks. Denby continues to explain the nature of these two social standings, including how the â€Å"cool group† bullies anyone below them. Denby goes on further to discuss how a particular outsider usually becomes the hero or heroine of the story, despiteRead MoreAutobilography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic116934 Words   |  468 Pagesempty now. We re out of playing cards. After that game it felt like I wasn t welcome in the club anymore, and I felt bad driving their Audi. I felt like shit sitting in the dressing room and Guardiola would stare at me like I was a problem, some freak. It was insane. He was a wall, a stone wall. I didn t get a single sign of life from him, and I wanted to get far away every second. I was no longer part of the team, and when we played Villa Real he let me play five minutes. Five minutes! I was